I am so excited to launch my first medallion release! She is a grade pony mare and just has so much colour potential. As she has no set breed you can get creative and paint her whichever colour you desire! Whilst working on her I couldn't decide on just one style of mane so there are three variations to choose from. Photos of these are coming very soon!!! There is a long maned version (Dorothy), one with show braids (Theodora) and there is also a hair prepped version (Dora). This means that you can decide what mane you think would suit her best! She measures 4"x4" and is shipped with all basic prepping completed. I can't wait to get my paints out and chose some colours for her myself!

I have reserved a couple of commission slots each month, leading up to the end of the year. So if you would like to have your Dora painted by me don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss how you think she would look best!

I will be processing orders throughout BreyerFest weekend and also during the week following the event. So if you place more than one order with me I will be sure to refund the extra shipping. If your order contains either props or medallions, as these are made to order, I am expecting all such orders to be processed and shipped by Monday 2nd August 2021. The only exception to this will be auction horses and I will be in contact with the winners to organise shipping. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. I will be frequently checking my emails during the event!