New Props

I am excited to announce my new props! The long awaited dressage markers and field toys are now available, along with a freshly designed grooming box! As with all of my props they are available in Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12), Curio (1:24), Stablemate (1:32) and Micro Mini (1:64). They have all been designed using CAD and then 3D printed. All prints have basic prepping and are shipped with a coat of grey primer. This not only means that they are ready for you to paint, but this also increases the longevity of the print. This is because UV resin becomes brittle when exposed to UV light, like sunlight.

I will be processing orders throughout BreyerFest weekend and also during the week following the event. So if you place more than one order with me I will be sure to refund the extra shipping. If your order contains either props or medallions, as these are made to order, I am expecting all such orders to be processed and shipped by Monday 2nd August 2021. The only exception to this will be auction horses and I will be in contact with the winners to organise shipping. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. I will be frequently checking my emails during the event!