Christmas Goodie Bag

Christmas Goodie Bag


Over the last 6 months I have been designing my range of props for 2022. During the year I will be releasing a brand new prop each month. As a fun sneak peak I decided to create some goodie bags. These will feature a primed bucket, field toy and a surprise selected from my 2022 range of props. Each scale has a different surprise, however if you order multiples of the same scale, do expect duplicates.


Every scale has a different theme:

Traditional (1:9) - A prop to keep your horse busy in their stable

Classic (1:12) - A selection of props to place around your yard

Curio (1:24) - A few props which should help you keep your horse clean and shiny

Stablemate (1:32) - A prop for your tack room

Micro (1:64) - A prop for your field