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Dapple Grey Andre
Grulla Overo Kaladin
Dark Bay Tobiano Tadpole
Dapple Grey Absinth
Bay Roan Earthquake
Grulla Lyskra
Dunalino Styx
Black Rabicano Mini Optime
Dapple Grey Absinth
Mushroom Pollywog and Dapple Grey Barnaby
Bay Sabino Rasam
Black Appaloosa Jumper
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'I'm totally not ashamed to admit that I cried when I unwrapped my resculpted Luan when he arrived. Quite how Walnut Lane Studio got him to look just right from the old grainy photos taken on a relic of a phone I'll never know but I'm so, so grateful. I can put him back on the shelf and see him as Monty now and not Luan any more. Thank you so much Harriet, you're a superstar.'

UK based client

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